Explore Jaipur under INR 5000

Are you planning to visit the beautiful city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan, India? Well, if this is the case, then you might be worried about your budget and might be wondering how you can have an awesome trip to Jaipur in minimum budget. Taking this into consideration, here we will be talking about the five interesting ways to make your travel to Jaipur under 5000 Indian Rupees. Yes, heard it right! Travel to Jaipur for just 70 USD or 5000 INR.

Book a Flight Early

Jaipur is one of the best places to visit in India. It is based in the beautiful state of Rajasthan and also known as the “Pinkcity”. The reason behind Jaipur being called as the Pinkcity is due to the fact that all the monuments and majority of the houses are painted Pink in the entire city. However, to start saving on your trip to Jaipur, you can book a flight to Jaipur earlier. Making a booking earlier, can help you save on your total travel cost from your native place.

Pro Tip-Make a Booking during the off season to find heavy discounts on the airfare charges. For instance, you can plan in the month of March, April, May or June.

Book a Nearby Accommodations

No matter whether you are a solo traveller or travelling to Jaipur in a group, you can save on your accommodation quite easily. You can find some of the best holiday homes in Jaipur, which offer great hospitality services in Jaipur at a very competitive price. For instance, Bhoora House is one such holiday home in Jaipur, which is nearby top attractions in Jaipur like Elephant village, Nahargarh Biological Park(Zoo), Amer Fort, Jaigarh fort, Nahargarh fort, and JalMahal. All these tourist places are a few minutes ride from Bhoora House and you can thereby save on the travelling time and cost simultaneously. Furthermore, stay at Bhoora House allows up to three guests and you can easily get a spacious room at Bhoora House for as low as 999 INR.

Pro Tip-Plan your visit early to the holiday home in Jaipur, as these holiday homes remain in very high demand

Eat at Nearby Places

While you may have different tastes and preferences. However, if you are strict with your budget, you should prefer eating at nearby restaurants from your accommodation. For instance, if you plan staying at one of the best holiday homes in Jaipur, Bhoora House, then, you can easily find more than ten eateries nearby, which offer exotic food with different varieties at a very reasonable price. Other than this, staff at Bhoora House can also assist you with the online food ordering from the top restaurants in Jaipur at a discounted price.

Pro Tip-Prefer ordering for your meals online, as it would offer your different varieties and different price range.

Do Not Miss Visiting Top Attractions in Jaipur

Before you step out of your holiday home in Jaipur, you should have a list of top attractions in Jaipur. Likewise, we already discussed in our previous post, Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Jaipur. This would allow you to plan your trip better and save your time and money in reaching out to these places.

Pro Tip-Leave early in the morning to cover all the top attractions in Jaipur. Take amazing photos and hire a tourist guide to know about the history of these historical places in Jaipur. Other than this, you can prepare a visit to these attractions in such a way that the travel time between two such places is minimal.

Travel in Group

Now it comes to city ride cost, entry fee at these attractions and other costs. Here, what you can do is, try traveling into groups. For instance, if you are a solo traveler, then you can form a group with other travelers after ensuring that they are like-minded and safe for you. By forming groups, you can have great fun and save on the entry fee and city ride costs. It is because some of the tourist attractions in Jaipur offer special discounts to the group travelers,which will eventually help you save better.

Pro Tip-Not all people are bad and not all are good either. So, before you form a group with any of the travelers, you should rectify their personality and do a background check to ensure that they are right for you. After forming groups, you can talk to the executives at the ticket window, to find out whether they offer group discounts or not.


Travelling can be great, if your visit is perfectly timed. From booking your airline tickets to planning your accommodation, you can save impressively, if you have perfect planning for it. Apart from airline tickets, you can easily make your visit to Jaipur successful in 5000 INR, which includes accommodation, food, and sightseeing for up to three guests for a day.